Personal Details

Name Phyllis Batin
Married Name Fair
Middle Name
Gender Female
Born 1926
Died 3/Nov/2009
Marital Status Married
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Entry Note from Pat (Laura) Growney-Stone:

Our cousin, Phyllis Fair (nee Batin), daughter of Ellen Batin (nee Growney) , your dad's only sister, died on 3 November 2009. She was 83. In recent years, she told me her name was Beatrice but was always known by the family as Phyllis. She lived in West Palm Beach, Florida and had no children. Her husband, John Fair, died some years ago. I know Gerard has met her, not sure about the rest of you. Phyllis and I kept in touch but her sight deteriorated in the past couple of years.
Phyllis was not the oldest of us Growney cousins. The oldest is Dorothy McWilliam (nee Growney) who is Uncle Hugh's elder daughter. She is 88. Her sister, Amy, died some years ago. Dorothy (her dad called her Dolly or Doll) has one daughter who is not in good health who has no children.

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