Personal Details

Name Maurice Growney
Middle Name Gerald
Gender Male
Born 8/Oct/1913
Died 8/Apr/1999
Marital Status Married
Post Code
Last Location Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire UK
Occupation Aircraft Fitter (Mechanical Engineering)

Died aged 85 and a half.... to the day. God Bless.

Mum and Dad outside O'Growney drive in Ireland

Mum and Dad in the back garden in Preston

Copy of Sarah Ellen Copeland_Grandma Growney.JPG

Penwortham Cemetery, Preston, Lancs

Dad's bush

Dad taken by the Sea of Galilee, this photo was taken in the mid 1990's

Maurice - Mid 90's

Michael, Maurice, Shaun

L-R : Moss, Eileen, Jim, Peter, Kath, Maurice, Alice (Ges in front) Chris, Irene, Elizabeth... who is in Mums arms? (Jan, is that you?)

L-R: ?, Mike, Kath, Gerard, Maurice, Chris, Moss, Irene, Alice

L-R: Moss, Jim, Chris, Peter, Dorothy Lacey (Chris's friend), Gerard, Alice, Elizabeth, Irene, Maurice

Maurice and Alice 1966

Mid 90's

Mid 90's

Mid 90's

Marriage Cert DadMum_SMALL.jpg