Hi, I’m Gerard Growney, or Gerry to many people

This site started as a personal project in 1999, the year when I lost both of my parents... I say I did, in fact my whole family did, eleven of us... and then of course it was a loss too for Aunties’, Uncles’... Cousins, Second Cousins... Niece-in-Laws’... Grand Children and Great Grand Children etc.. you get the picture?

This link will help you view the possible permutations.

I have to acknowledge my dear cousin and Godmother Pat (Laura) Stone (Nee GROWNEY) (Find Pat using the site index)  who was already working on the family tree and documenting everything... this site would be pretty empty without the results of her tireless research.

The idea was that using the internet people could, with the click of a button, be reminded of long lost relations and have memories stirred by seeing a forgotten name, or an old photograph, and in doing so could use the site in conjunction with a phone, or now facebook or twitter or any other social media, meet up and reminisce on the old days, or indeed make plans for the days to come.

So I hope you enjoy browsing for old pictures and names, and of course see updates on the new generation that are coming through.  I’d love to receive any updates, new pictures (or old), edits or corrections that need to be made, and with data protection in mind any deletions you require.

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